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I’m a Brazilian born artist living and working in Sweden and Brazil since many years. I want my art to serve a communicative function in society, to be a conversation and not speech. In order to do this, I seek to break down the barriers which make art seem like something mystical and impossible for ordinary people to understand.


I seek in my art the existential in everyday life, to achieve a sort of integrity or balance in the individual and society. My work consistently explores the unity of body, soul and nature with focus on mutations, spirituality and evidently the connection of all this.


Over the course of many decades my work evolved continuously bringing many interpretations since it communicates with many expressions that can be in fine arts, photography or even social approaches including different kinds of disadvantaged people which creates opportunities for them that lead to social action, and pertinent issues connected with sustainability and the environment in many aspects. The image is a central point in for me, not only authorial but also accident documentations and creations with and from photographic captures.


​We live in an era of ” use-and-throw-away,” in which we achieve an illusion of controlling our physical and inner lives with our purchasing and consumption. The politically correct façade we inhabit becomes a prison, and we have no possibility to distance ourselves from this infinite world of conventional symbols.


Reversing the trend of mass consumption and far from social networks, I examine the "culture of excess" through the effects of the consumer society, the limits of advertising in the world of liquid modernity (Bauman), the rapid destruction of the environment, the stress of a modern society that increasingly covers itself in the illusion of completeness, the widely connected world and its changing aesthetic. Technology connects us but distances us as well. I look for another place in my art, where a "real" connection can be possible.


Currently, my work is being structured and cataloged to make more choices in the field of art and culture.

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