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VAF_MUITO ALÉM DAS BANANAS (Beyond the banana trees) recorte .jpg

SUSTENTABILIS series / 2nd Place Winner in Photomanipulation of FAPA - FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS.

t has been captured in fields of peripheral plantations in Brazil without pesticides in cooperation with producers who seek a balance between the supply of human needs and preservation of natural resources, without compromising the next generations.
Currently, there has been a lot of talk about sustainable development, as society as a whole has awakened to the idea that natural resources are not infinite as many thoughts. The numerous discussions by the scientific community about issues related to the environment and its intense degradation by human action also put this term in evidence.


VAF_MUITO ALÉM DAS BANANAS (Beyond the banana trees) .jpg

This series seeks to visualize not only this content but also the beauty of natural resources and people who is fighting for a better world and the significant visual accidents that make this subject more attractive and evidently necessary.
They are photographic montages based on images I captured which are the shapes and beauty of plants, the nature where I occasionally find them and also researching specific environments. Later I create compositions focusing on the essence of nature as an artistic manifestation in all senses.

VAF_FOLHAS DO JARDIM (Garden leaves).jpg
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