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UNZIPPED is a sculpture serie by the artist Verônica Alkmim França made only with zippers, which naturally lead to the concept of disunity.

It’s an intense and paradoxical way to protect, hide and keep something in memory. When the disunity or separation occurs, there is an opening to live, to grow, to accomplish or to generate the outcome, the solution, the outcome of something registered in memory, which leads us to reflect.

This approach takes us to the end and the beginning of a new cycle. The union of the cycles creates the successful and vital process. With that in mind, through research and production, Verônica creates another approach with the material, at the same time remains faithful to its function and to the concept of the piece. 

UNZIPPED is one of the most recent modules of the artist's production, which follows her continuing experiments with diverse materials, always resulting in unexpected creations. The works are made completely with “zipper closures”, which close and open to unite closing and opening - Portals of Memories. Work in progress

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