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MATERIA PRIMA is a serie based on the research of Brazilian Colored Cotton and consequently sustainable materials. The works are built with seeds of Colored Cotton and the vegetable sponge-like Luffa (A subspontaneous plant, cultivated in tropical regions for its medicinal uses:sprouts and edible green fruits  and with an enormous potential as support in immobilization).


The research on Brazilian Colored Cotton is based on the questioning about the  materials of the future and sustainability.

The Brazilian Colored Cotton is born in the bushes, but it doesn’t twist or warp EMBRAPA ALGODÃO (The Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation) started a genetic improvement program, through the transfer of properties of colored cotton to the long white fibers that already exist and grown in northeastern Brazil. The dominant biome in the semi-arid region in the northeastern region of Brazil- the soil and climatic conditions are ideal for organic cultivation. Today, this region is one of the largest areas of sand in the world where colored cotton is grown and its fiber is considered to be one of the best in the world.


Cotton fiber is unparalleled and superior in many qualities.

Faced with threats of extinction of natural resources, cotton can replace many things and will not take very long.

Cotton is culture!!


Man is already entering the era of sustainability and is aware that the planet must be protected. We have crossed the line.

It’s possible that ecological products will stand out  in today's world.

This is what sustainability is all about!

The work is the result of research on materials with the aim of investigating how the advancement of technology can contribute to the development of these materials taking into account primarily the preservation of environmental issues allied with sustainability and contemporary design.


This project has the support of the Swedish institutions Helge Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse and Estrid Ericsons Stiftelse and EMBRAPA ALGODAO in Brazil.

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