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TRANSILIS is an image series by the artist Verônica Alkmim França in limited edition. It is a visual reflection of a ritual when exposed to the consumer market and what can be art. A module of the artist's latest production which follows the artist's path from experiments with fabrics and other materials to a scenario where each image is registered as a single unique moment.

Inspiration In this series comes from a story from Verônica’s childhood that was stuck in her imagination during her growth.

The story is linked to Mourners; a female profession whose function is to cry for someone else who is mourning a dead relative. A monetary agreement between the crying women and the family of the deceased to show their tears without feeling, kinship or friendship. The profession has existed for over 2000 years in different cultures. This manifestation is linked to death, which is painful for all, and presented with frightening features of its mystery; is both the end and the beginning of a new cycle.

With this in mind, through research and production, Verônica questions the impact of consumption even in sorrow, and for the media and advertising. TRANSILIS is a Latin word that means what goes beyond, that exceeds.

Cemitério do Batom ao Vivo

Cemitério do Batom ao Vivo

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Joy and sorrow (body and soul) are the contrast the artist has used as a tool for a long time and continues to express them in her art. The design in the photo studio is an existential platform that exposes- through image- all the issues that affect her as a person, from the ethical to the aesthetic, from nationality to migration and to belong or not to the various groups that can exist and form a society and above all the inevitable and defective aspect of life that is constantly exposed to the will of replenishment.

Thus, it is possible to preserve in time the unusual and ephemeral compositions that contradict the consumption purposes of advertising, and in addition to transcend the documentary aspect.

©copyright by veronicaalkmimfranca
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